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Tel: 01291 418125 (Opt 3)

David Broome Event Centre

Crick, Monmouthshire  NP26 5XP

Cricklands Equestrian Club


Our Club, based at the Centre and affiliated to British Riding Clubs, was created primarily to provide tuition and instruction to true grassroots riders with their own horses. Usually taught in groups, our members benefit from our World Class facilities and instructors and enjoy the professional but friendly learning atmosphere.


The added bonus of the Cricklands Equestrian Club is that on top of several other benefits, members also get a reduction at Cricklands Shows - they do not have to pay the Show Membership charge at the One Day Shows and Summer Shows.  All this at a price of just £20 per year.


If you would like to join this exciting and growing club, please download and complete the Membership Application Form.

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